Jamilah Samian

Speech Coach

About Jamilah

Jamilah Samian is the author of “The Kindness Miracle”, “Cool Mum Super Dad”, “Leadership In Parenting”, “Cool Boys Super Sons”, “The Groovy Guide to Parenting Generation Y & Z” and “77 Power Parent Tips”. Jamilah Samian is a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT), an accreditation she earned from the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM). Jamilah was part of the team of parenting experts at ParenThots (The Star).

Jamilah was a recipient of the Advanced Communicator Gold award  from Toastmasters International in 2019, a non-profit organisation she has been active in since 2005. Today, Jamilah continues to coach and mentor aspiring speakers and leaders.


On 8 March 2015 (International Women’s Day), Jamilah was named as one of 8 Inspiring Women of Malaysia by SuriaKLCC.  Jamilah was recognized for her efforts in supporting educators and parents in growing enduring family relationships and raising future leaders with her books, seminars and workshops both locally and internationally.

Jamilah Samian has presented her ideas in many locations in Malaysia and abroad: United Kingdom (London, Sheffield, Birmingham), Scotland (Edinburgh), South Africa (Durban), Australia (Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney), United States (Nashville, Maryland), Norway (Bodø), Qatar (Doha, Al-Khor), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Oman (Muscat), Kuwait (Kuwait City), Singapore and Brunei.

Jamilah believes in the amazing human capacity to change for the better. She specializes in and is keen on helping others, especially educators, parents and women, to explore and discover their inherent abilities for effective personal change specifically in building self-confidence and self-motivation. Her seminars include ParentingMarriage, Women and Effective Personal Change, Public Speaking, Youth Leadership and Communication Skills. Her audiences comprise of youths and adults of varying ages. She has been a guest on different TV and radio stations (ASTRO, TV1, TV3, TV2, NTV7, BFM89.9, IKIM.fm, BernamaTV, TRAXXfm).

Jamilah holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Cum Laude) from Upper Iowa University (USA), Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Mathematics from Indiana State University (USA), and Diploma in Journalism (Distinction) from the London School of Journalism (UK). Jamilah began her professional journey in a multinational organisation, Sarawak Shell Berhad, Lutong, as a senior staff in the Information Technology sector.

Following that, she became a successful home-based entrepreneur providing translation and copywriting services to many public relations and advertising firms and other private organisations.

While living in the Middle-East, Jamilah started her journalism career and has since written for The New Straits Times (Malaysia), Destinations (Shell global family magazine), The Oman Economic Review, iluvislam.com, Passage, ParenThink, www.coolmumsuperdad.com and other print and electronic publications within and outside Malaysia.

For several years, she used to be a volunteer with the Global Outpost Network, which was an information resource and support centre catering for Shell expatriate families. The Outpost team itself comprised of spouses from various nationalities across the world.