Slide Improve Your Speaking Skills Persuasive As we grow up, we need to influence and persuade others to understand our viewpoint. It could be a deal breaker for our job promotion, sales pitch, new ideas and even personal life needs. Equipping yourself with the 21st century skills of engaging and mastering the art and science of persuasion is a must to become an achiever.
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A unique blended learning 4-quadrant method to accelerate learning and embed practical persuasive speaking skills.

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Using the concept of designing the airplane while it’s flying which will enable participants to enhance learning in both virtual and real fail-safe learning environments.

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Dedicated speech coaches to refine and polish your speaking competencies and stand on the shoulders of experienced individuals.

Hello! I'm Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah, an international speaker and lead trainer/coach for the Persuade with Power program.

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In the era of digitalisation, we have no choice but to communicate in a persuasive manner. We need to enhance our approach to embed the right elements and techniques to influence key stakeholders. Learn how to embark on presenting your data through the Storytelling With Facts and Figures Technique (SWiFFT). Convince your clients through the art and science of persuasive speaking.

Communicate With Confidence (CWC)

Persuade With Power (PWP)

Inspire With Impact (IWI)

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