Cyril M D Jonas

Speech Coach

About –°yril

As the principal consultant for Acutance InDepth Solutions, Cyril focuses on the development of communication and leadership skills as the foundation of any kind of growth in companies.

With a background in marketing and sales, and then moving on to training and development for marketing and selling teams, he has developed a program to guide executives in developing their communication and leadership skills. Cyril believes that the two are inextricably bound and that it is impossible to develop one without the other.

Known for his ability to communicate and lead at all levels; Cyril is backed by thirty years in the business of selling, marketing, and communication and has coached many executives and individuals in developing their fluency in English, both written and oral.

Cyril together with Victor Ong established World Speech Day in Kuala Lumpur as an annual affair and founded The Speakers’ Club to promote professional communication in speech as the main activity of their company CV +.

Cyril holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Southern Cross University, Lismore Australia.